Mother’s Day Gifts

5 Gifts For Non-Mom Moms On Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is one of those days we reflect on our mothers. However, do we know how many were in awe or even raised by mothers who weren’t mothers? They also merit being recognized.

The best method to accomplish this is to present them with an item that is large enough to be loved but doesn’t make you determine their size for the dress or select a specific option that could be a failure. The great thing is Sarasota’s retail area has plenty to offer on this subject, and we’ve got some suggestions for you.

Rattan Bag, Banjara Traders Local

We are awestruck by Banjara Traders for their unique products, which aren’t found other than in Sarasota. This rattan handbag ($79.95) can be an excellent illustration. Made by hand by artisans in Bali, Indonesia, this circular purse is ideal for standing out as a distinctive fashion statement while also being easy to pair with any outfit. The mother who isn’t your mom will appreciate the thought you put into it and will probably wear it the next time you visit her.

Gift card Bookstore1Sarasota Local

What doesn’t mom want to snuggle up with a good read after a tiring day? The issue with gifting an individual an ebook is that it’s challenging to know the reader’s preferences. Instead of giving them a book, could you buy a present certificate for the Bookstore1 Sarasota? The ability to browse the Bookstore1 Sarasota’s new, spacious downtown store will definitely be a benefit. If you’re looking to present them with a present card as well as pick out a book that you think they’d enjoy and would like to recommend, we suggest “Find your People” written by Jennie Allen ($25). Who wouldn’t want suggestions on how to seek out the right community?

Woolen Crew Sweater for Wooden Ships Foxy Lady Local

If you reside in Sarasota, there is a good chance that you’re a beach lover. What could it be that you are living in Sarasota and not? Give the mother who isn’t your mom the chance to show her affection for beaches on her sleeves — at least just a little. This crew-neck sweater made of cotton made by Wooden Ships ($150) and available through the Sarasota’s Foxy Lady makes for the perfect present. It’s soft and comfy that will keep you cozy, but it’s not heavy enough for 65-70 degree days. It’s ideal in this winter’s Sarasota winters if we want to ask us.

Bubble Wall Flower Vase, Shoogie Boogies Local

Decorate your home with home decor. It’s always an excellent option for when you wish to show someone that you love them, but you’re not sure what to buy. We are in love with the bubble wall flowers vase made by Sarasota’s Shoogie Boogies ($17.95). It’s an exclusive cafe situated in The city’s artistic district. These vases hang on the wall and create an impact in any space. When the next time your mother, who’s not yours, hosts a party, she’ll receive a plethora of questions. Where did you find this?

Moon Coin Necklace, Pineapple Lain Local

The moon-themed moon coin necklace ($21.95) is available from St. Armands boutique Pineapple Lain and will have the wearer sparkling with elegance. The moon-and-stars-themed design provides the precious reminder that all you need to do is gaze up to appreciate the vastness of the universe. Although you may not be the daughter of this mother, however, she’ll remember your uniqueness when you present her with this present.

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