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Berserk Hypes Manga’s Coming Back With New Color Pages

Berserk was first introduced in the early 1980s in the 1980s, with creator Kentaro Miura working for decades to weave the tale about Guts, Griffith, Casca along with Casca, Guts and the Band of the Hawk. It was tragic to see the passing of the renowned mangaka, but colleagues from Miura, Koji Mouri and Studio Gaga, are setting up to complete the long-running story, which is still popular among the world of anime. A new coloring page has been revealed to keep fans excited for the next chapter in the story of the Black Swordsman.

In the final chapter of Kentaro Miura Guts along with his group of friends were able to have their “peaceful” visit to Elfheim was interrupted by the appearance to Moonlight Boy. Moonlight Boy, the mysterious young boy who was following the gang through several of their most recent adventures. With the last page from the previous chapter which revealed that the child was actually Griffith or maybe an aspect from the White Hawk that we haven’t seen before, it was the ending cliffhanger that was needed to wrap the story. Although Mouri as well as Gaga haven’t yet revealed the number of chapters they’re working on to conclude the tale of Berserk however, they’ve said that they’re looking to honor their deceased fans by continuing Guts the story.

Young Animal released the new color photo that depicts the Berserk’s 365th Chapter, indicating that there’s plenty more blood and carnage for Guts to witness in the coming years of the show, despite Black Swordsman recent achievement of one of the biggest wins in the series when he brought the return of Casca from the brink of committing suicide:

Berserk doesn’t just making a comeback in manga and anime, but this season will see also the trilogies of films hit the small screen in Japan yet again in celebration of the return of the series with”Berserk Millenium Edition” “Berserk Millennium Edition”. It currently appears unlikely that Berserk will receive any new anime adaptations anytime in the near future, but Miura’s beloved series is certainly full of material yet to be released on the screen on a smaller scale.

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