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Check out Dave Grohl Join Paul McCartney In Their First Performance in Public Since Taylor Hawkins’ Death

Paul McCartney continued the celebration of his birthday in his appearance at the Glastonbury Festival, which took place in Somerset, U.K, Saturday night, bringing along Bruce Springsteen and Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl as guests throughout an hour-long set. Grohl’s debut concert in public since the March 25 death of the band’s longtime drummer, Taylor Hawkins. After McCartney introduced the musician as “my friend you’re a hero to me,” the smiling Grohl was seen walking onto the stage. “Hi Paul,” he spoke into his microphone. “How do you feel?”

Grohl and McCartney began their performance with McCartney and Grohl jumped into Beatles “I saw her standing there” with Grohl performing part of McCartney’s lead vocals. This was and McCartney followed with Wings’ “Band on the Run,”” that Grohl has previously performed in collaboration with Foos. Then, Springsteen reprised his Metlife Stadium appearance with McCartney on June 16 and played his original “Glory days” (with McCartney on bass and backing vocals) as well as The Beatles’ “I Wanna Be Your Man.” The last track that they performed,”The End” by the Beatles’ “The End,” both Grohl and Springsteen returned to the stage to join in the showdown on the guitar.

“I swear that I will never wish to be with you today,” Grohl said between songs, explaining that the band made it his way to Glastonbury despite the cancellation of two flights.

McCartney’s set also included a celebrity like all of the shows that he is currently performing The singer sang “I’ve Had A Feeling” with isolated audio and video clips of John Lennon from the Get Back film, which was made available by filmmaker Peter Jackson. When McCartney – – the longest solo artist to perform at Glastonbury was first on to the stage for the first time, the huge crowd were singing “Happy Birthday.”

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