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Many pro choice advocates crowd Market Street to protest 4th of July celebrations

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) More than 1,000 protesters gathered to advocate for pro choice laws on July 4 the day that traditionally marks the time when people are celebrating Independence Day. United States’ independence.

“I believe there’s no better time to demonstrate our rights being violated than this day of independence. It’s ironically perfect.” Aurora Plake said.

A number of groups came together to attend a protest rally against the decision of the Supreme Court to rule in Dobbs V. Jackson overturning Roe v. Wade, on Monday.

One of the coordinators, Lauren Wright, was right in the middle of protesters for pro-choice who were insisting that women’s rights to safe, legal and affordable abortions be protected.

“[I am] prepared to dedicate the remainder of my existence fighting Roe against. Wade’s reversal” White said.

“It caused me to cry, honestly,” organizer Valerie Simone stated.

“[Seeing this crowdis] a sign that I’m prepared and ready to act and address this issue because it’s unfair,” Aurora Plake said.

Old and young, male and women, gathered with posters in support of change and action.

Speakers who spoke on the hot Fourth of July were the Hon. Stacey Newman, founder of Progress Women, LaRhonda Wilson and the Color of Change PAC, Debbie Kitchen, with Indivisible St. Louis, Denise Lieberman, with MOVPC and Heather Fleming, with In Purposeful Educational Services.

“I am terrified and furious of what the next decade will look like, as many women across the country do!” said Kitchen. “We are facing an extreme right-wing court that is which is taking away our hard-fought constitutional rights! Women are voting – WE will not be going back!”

Advocates have said that they don’t intend to use abortion for contraception, rather rather giving the mother all the options during a emergency.

“We need to be treated the same way and should not be treated as second-class citizens. That’s the reason we’re here today to defend,” Simone said.

“We’ve been denied one of our fundamental rights taken away from us,” Plake explained. “I do not think that anyone ought to be celebrating the actions of a nation who did this to us, therefore we’re certainly celebrating, we’re protesting.”

The peaceful protest began on the sidewalk of Market Street, but quickly began to spill onto the road. Behind the protesters was the newly installed Freedom Suits Sculpture, a symbol of the struggle the slaves in Missouri took on to secure their freedom.

More than a century later people are saying they want the freedom to decide.

“I am not a snob about anyone else enjoying the holiday of Independence Day however, I will be there to remind people that there aren’t any equal rights for everyone in the United States and the protests will not stop. disrupt the festivities until something changes,” Simone said.

Advocates have said they do not have the exact date and time scheduled for their next meeting however, they encourage everyone to make their views to the world by casting a vote this November.

“Like we could actually accomplish it. It could take 50 years to complete, but we’ll get it overturned,” White said.

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