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Stephen Brodsky Reflects On Kurt Cobain and Nirvana’s​​​​​​​​​​​ irresponsible attitude

Cave Inside as well as Old Man Gloom singer Stephen Brodsky talked about Nirvana’s and Kurt Cobain’simpact on him in his recent interview on the Revolver’s Fan First. The singer drew attention to the band’s distinctive views and attitudes throughout their careers.

One of the groups who created alternative and grunge rock well-known in the commercial market, Nirvana created and released famous hit songs due to their well-crafted lyrics and well-crafted sound. They became famous internationally as Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic along with Dave Grohl became very influential among the young generation of musicians. They also were faced with a horde of reporters and journalists who were eager to learn all they could about them.

So they searched for every piece of information available and included the information for their articles in order to draw ever more viewers who were interested in learning more. The Nirvana band members decided to not divulge specific details. Their interviews were distinct from those of other artists who spoke openly about their lives. For those who love the hard rock, Cobain along with his groupmates did not like being exposed to the media and living the stereotyped lifestyles of rock celebrities.

Recently, Stephen Brodsky also highlighted their reckless behavior as well as their relaxed manner of living but not answering a lot of questions during interviews. He said that he found it cool. The singer said the Nirvana icons’ revolt against the industry that they were in forced to become public figures who embraced fashions and trends that were causing them to become more well-known. Brodsky recognized himself as Cobain and Nirvana was the inspiration for him to start his own band.

Brodsky discussed his ideas and said:

” I think the first person I was able to see myself in was the Kurt Cobain. This happened around the time I had been talking about earlier, when I was extremely awkward and struggling with my body. I felt that whatever discomfort there could be made into a feeling that like it was fine; it had a place to call home or a spot, and an outlet. Additionally, Nirvana was extremely controversial, and I felt that was thrilling since they were able to draw lines in the sand between the kind of music people would engage in I think, at least from my own experience.

The band was like this reason or flag that said “I’m with this side; I don’t care about sports, expensive clothes, or modern pop’ in 1990, 1991. I would put it as Kurt Cobain was a great example and the way in which Nirvana performed, as when you watch interviews they gave in 1991, 1992 They were hilarious, never gave any shit, and never gave an answer that was straight. I am in love with that, and I think they were playing with the structures of what was driving the band to fame at that moment. I thought it was so cool as well as it provided me with the concept and direction on how to make my band.”

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