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Taika Waititi has revealed he stole his identity from Peter Jackson while filming a well-known 2014 film

Taika Waititi is hiding some hidden secrets in his bag.

The well-known Kiwi actor as well as director made an appearance in The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night when he shared a secret that could have him in the crosshairs of the legendary Sir Peter Jackson.

Waititi was during the interview to announce his forthcoming film Thor: Love and Thunder however, he was diverted when Colbert asked whether Kiwi director Jackson popular by his involvement in The Lord of the Rings series, ever gave Waititi suggestions for shooting stunning films.

Instead of discussing his relationship with directorof the film, Waititi began to reveal a secret behind-the-scenes story about his film What We Do in the Shadows.

He replied, “man, I don’t think I’m allowed to tell this. Okay, I’ll.”

Waititi told me that when he and co-director Jemaine Clement began filming their hit 2014 film They had a low budget , but The Hobbit had just wrapped and gave them an idea.

Waititi stated, “Our production designer in the middle of the night, brought his team on a trip to The Hobbit studios and stole the dismantled and broken-down green screens. He also removed all the timber. We then constructed a house.”

“What Do We Do is in the Shadows is based on the green screen of The Hobbit.” the actor said in a smug tone. “I haven’t spoken with Peter Jackson about this. I’m not sure if he is aware.”

In spite of the fact that it’s a hidden truth, Waititi went on to declare that he loves telling the story during parties.

In the previous interview in the interview, in the interview, Kiwi director revealed another funny secret about the popular Thor role model, Korg whom he portrays in the upcoming Marvel film.

Colbert was awed by the character prior to questioning Waititi, “why does Korg have an New Zealand accent?” The director replied, “Because I’m so lazy as an actor. It’s the only accent I’d like to perform,” quickly adding, “also the New Zealand accent is so gorgeous.”

He continued to state that how his accent in the native country of his mother is “like being squealed to death” and the crowd began to laugh out loud.

The Jojo Rabbit director later revealed that he changes his accent whenever it is in the US saying, “because the way I normally speak, you will never comprehend what I said”.

The talk show host was a bit snarky and demanded that his guest “slip into a slurred Kiwi” in which Waititi immediately changed to his more natural manner of speaking with Colbert and described it as “just speaking in a mumble”.

Waititi immediately responded and stated, “The New Zealand accent is only mumbling, however it’s beautiful to hear it mumbling.”

Fans can anticipate seeing Waititi perform his Kiwi accent in Thor: Love and Thunder due to release in the coming month.

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