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Lady Ruby: There’s no place where I’m secure” Georgia elections workers about how Trump disrupted their lives

Shaye Moss, along with her mother, Ruby Freeman, testified that Trump and his allies have fueled intimidation and racist threats

Shaye Moss, a former elections department worker in Fulton county, Georgia, is a witness, while her mother Georgia Elections worker Ruby Freeman watches. Photo: Reuters

In an emotional and powerful testimony about the savage outcomes of Donald Trump’s effort to block the 2020 election the testimony of a mom and daughter that were Georgia election workers recounted the ways in which Trump and his aides ruined their lives, causing the escalation of racism and harassment in the belief that the two were involved with fraud on voters.

Giuliani said to an Arizona official that ‘we do not have the proof of fraud in the voting process. Read more

In testimony before the committee of January 6 at Washington, Shaye Moss said she had received “a many threats. Wishing death upon me. Saying that I’ll end up in jail with my mom and saying things such as “I’m glad it’s not 1920 instead of 1920.'”

It was a reference the lynchings, the gruesome extra-judicial death for many Black people throughout the American south.

Moss added that her grandmother’s home was attacked by Trump supporters who wanted to conduct “citizen’s arrests” of the two poll workers.

A single Democratic presidential candidate has won Georgia since 1992 , but Joe Biden beat Trump by less than 12,000 votes, which was verified by recounts.

The hearing on Tuesday detailed Trump’s efforts to reverse the decision through the pressure of Republican state officials as well as the vilification of Moss and her mother over a video that purportedly showed them engaging in fraud on the ballot and fraud, which was swiftly disproved.

Moss’s mom was at the hearing. In the taped testimony, she spoke: “My name is Ruby Freeman. I’ve always believed that God declares that he’ll give you a great name. However, this isn’t the way God intended it to be.”

“For all of my professional career I was known as Lady Ruby. My friends within Georgia which is the place where I was born and was my entire life was familiar with my name as Lady Ruby. My own company was built around the brand name. Ruby’s Unique Treasures. Pop-up shops serving women with distinctive styles.”

“I was wearing a shirt which proudly declared my identity as that I Am Lady Ruby. The shirt I had was every shade. I wore it on the day of the election in 2020. I’ve not worn it since, and I’ll never again wear it.

“I won’t even refer to me by name anymore. I’m anxious whenever I encounter somebody I know in the supermarket who calls my name. I’m afraid of people hearing. I’m anxious when I’m required to provide my name when I place an order for food. I’m always worried about who’s within my reach.

“I’ve changed my name, and my credibility. It’s been a loss of my feeling security because some people beginning with Trump and Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s ally chose to blame me as well as my daughter Shaye and to spread their own lies about why the election for president took place.”

Freeman added: “There is nowhere I feel secure. Nowhere. Do you feel what it’s like to be President Obama of the United States target you?

“A President from America United States is supposed to represent every American. He is not supposed to target any just one. He targeted me Lady Ruby an entrepreneur, a small business owner, mother, and a happy American citizens who stood for helping Fulton county conduct an election right in the middle of an epidemic.”

Freeman stated that she was required to leave the house for two weeks.

Moss spoke of threats made to her grandmother.

“That girl is life,” she said. “I have never even heard or seen her cry, never in my life. She was screaming to the very top of her voice saying ‘Shaye! Shaye Oh my god, Shaye’, freaking me out, telling me that her family was in her house.”

“They entered through the front door. naturally she opened the door and looked around to see the person there and also the person who was there which allowed them to push past, saying they were trying to arrest a citizen. They had to locate my mother and me and they were aware that we were in the house.

“And my grandmother was crying and was unsure of how to respond. I was not there, so I was insecure and terrible for her. Then she yelled and I told her to shut the door. Do not open the door to anyone.”

Moss was asked about how her personal life had been affected by the events of the past.

She stated: “My life was turned upside down. I’m not able to give away my business cards. I don’t want anyone to know my name. I don’t want to travel with my mom, because she may shout my name in the aisle of groceries or something. I’m not going to the supermarket for a while.

“I haven’t gone anywhere. I’ve gained 60lbs. I’m not looking forward to going anywhere. I think about everything I do. This has had a negative impact on my daily life in a significant manner, in every way.

“All due to lies.”

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