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Warriors’ Stephen Curry got an email by Barack Obama while still on the court following the NBA Finals

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry and former President Barack Obama are friends, and Obama wasted no time in calling to thank the point guard following his win. took home the fourth time in NBA Finals and first Finals MVP award.

While Curry was playing in the TD Garden Thursday night, Curry could be heard receiving a phone call from former president. In an unofficial video posted via 95.7 The Game, Curry is recorded saying on his cellphone “All I can do is golf in the near future” after which he laughs.

Curry as well as Obama had played golf with Obama at numerous times through the years with Obama noting, “Steph has an amazing golfer, a lot better than me.”

The Warriors star said to ESPN about the call following the Finals “To receive a message from him, and to being in a position to feel his feelings of joy and appreciation made all the difference. It’s just surreal.”

Beyond golf, Curry and Obama have met to discuss issues of social justice and charity. This year, the two organized a three-day conference held in Oakland for discussions on “reducing youth violence, expanding influential mentorship programs, and improving the quality of life for boys and young black men.”

At the time, Obama cracked a funny joke that was a hit at Curry’s expense. When someone in the crowd asked Curry and his wife to discuss “some of the difficulties” they faced, Obama quipped, “Well, Steph, why don’t you share a bit about the challenges you’ve had with your ankles Man.”

“That’s an issue that is sensitive,” Curry, who is well-documented about ankle injuries, said with laughter.

After the 2022 NBA Finals, Obama tweeted, “With four championships in eight years, the Warriors are adamant about their place in the NBA’s most Dynasties. Congratulations to the the Finals MVP Steph, Draymond, Klay and coach Kerr and the remainder from Dub Nation for such consistent excellence.”

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