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When is Mother’s Day? And What is the reason we celebrate it?

Keep this date in mind. Remember to contact your mom!

Plenty is happening, and we’ll ask, “When is Mother’s Day?” once or twice during the month. (Oh, okay, you could have asked it three times, and you’ve got plenty to do.) But don’t worry, it’s not occurred in a while! The holiday falls in May, which means you have time to develop the most effective Mother’s Day ideas for spoiling and giving thanks to the moms around you, whether selecting unique presents to give mom or throwing a party.

It’s hard to remember. However, it was your birthday. (or the day you adopted) was an important day for two individuals: you and the person who became an instant mother. From that moment on, she’s continued to fill various roles throughout your existence. Mothers guide, teach, nurture affection, discipline, cuddle with you, feed, laugh, etc. This year, show your appreciation by gifting her Mother’s Day gifts you’re sure to appreciate, Mother’s Day gift baskets, Mother’s Day cards (include one of these Mother’s Day wishes inside), or even the idea of a Mother’s Day celebration based on her zodiac sign.

We’re here to answer the most important questions you have about the holiday, such as “What time will be Mother’s Day?” and “What Mother’s Day history do I need to learn to please my Mom and achieve the status of her favorite child?” Keep reading for the history behind this cherished day.

When will be Mother’s Day 2022?

The year of this one, Mother’s Day, is on Sunday, May 8, 2022. This should give you enough time to plan an event that will impress her. Perhaps you can create a playlist with mother-daughter songs that will trigger the fun.

Unlike holidays with a specific time, Mother’s Day has more to do with a particular date instead of a particular date. It is always on the 2nd Sunday of May every year. Are you not a pro at the mental math of calendars? We’ve calculated the dates of the coming five Mother’s Days for you:

  • Sunday, May 14, 2023
  • May 12, Sunday 2024
  • May 11 on a Sunday. 2025
  • May 10, Sunday 2026
  • May 9, Sunday 2027

What is the story behind Mother’s Day?

While mothers have been around since the beginning of humankind but the celebration of Mother’s Day as a formal celebration is a relatively modern invention. As with many mom stories, it all begins with a strong bond between a daughter and her mother.

Ann Reeves Jarvis, known as Mother Jarvis, was a teacher and mother of a Sunday school class in West Virginia’s rural communities until the Civil War broke out in 1861. She became an advocate for the rights of women and human rights regardless of how the side of the blue-gray line the two sides was located on. At first, she set up “mothers day workgroups.” These programs taught mothers about hygiene, health, and parenting skills to tackle the unhealthy living conditions that led to many deaths and diseases in children.

She later organized “women’s brigades” to assist wounded soldiers and Mothers’ Day, to build better relationships between the former Union and Confederate families. If anyone can settle an argument that is heated, the best person to do it is the mother.

The daughter of Mother Jarvis, Anna M. Jarvis was her faithful pupil and worked alongside her mother. As the health of Mother Jarvis deteriorated, Anna became her caretaker dedicating her life to her mom, whom she loved dearly. On May 8, 1905, Mother Jarvis died of heart complications.

Anna, who was then an infant mother, was devastated by her loss. She invited her friends and family members to attend an exclusive church service to pay tribute to mom on the first anniversary of her passing. Carnations were given out, her favorite flower, to all mothers present. (The genesis of Mother’s Day flowers could be the origin of Mother’s Day flowers?)

It was such a touching tribute to her; the family and friends decided to continue the tradition every May. The celebration was expanded to include all mothers.

Jarvis embarked on an effort to promote her love of the holiday by writing letters, writing petitions to politicians, and promoting the mother she loved to all who’d listen. In 1915 her efforts paid off. President Woodrow Wilson declared Mother’s Day as a national holiday throughout the United States to be held on the second Sunday in May.

What is the reason it’s called Mother’s Day?

The most challenging question to answer than “When is Mother’s Day?” is why it’s a special holiday and not plural, namely Mother’s Day, not Mother’s Day. Anna Jarvis was adamant that it should be dedicated to only one mother. She stated the purpose of the memorial” is “to honor the greatest mother ever and was yours.”

Another way to show respect to your mom is to create a mother-child photo album of moments and embellish your album using Mother-daughter-related quotes, mother-son quotes, and sweet words and jokes from inside.

What time will Mother’s Day celebrations in other nations?

Over 50 countries across the globe are celebrating Mother’s Day. Many of these celebrations are on the same date as the U.S. holiday, including those of Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Fiji, Netherlands, New Zealand, Taiwan, and Venezuela. They have the same customs of honoring mothers using a supermarket as well as handmade presents, including flowers, gifts, and even food. Some countries are a bit different.


Several Middle Eastern countries, including Egypt, Iran, Iraq and Bahrain, and Bahrain, celebrate Mother’s Day on March 21, which is the day of the spring equinox. Egyptians celebrated the holiday in honor of Isis, who is believed to be the goddess of love and respect. As the mother’s idea. Nowadays, Egyptian children write their mother’s thank-you notes and take on the home chores that day.

Take an idea from their book and create an incredibly heartfelt thank-you note with some of these Mother’s Day cards templates. Set her up with a tea or mimosa to drink while cleaning your house or folding the laundry.


Mother’s Day in Hungary is celebrated on the first Sunday in May, and children make cards made by hand and craft projects to gift moms. The Lilac is the most popular flower for Mother’s Day in Hungary, and many bouquets are given out.

It’s certainly possible to go the DIY way, and you’ll be glad. Mom has been a huge fan of your efforts since the macaroni necklace days. But she’ll also be equally grateful for everything you buy her, such as any of the Amazon Mother’s Day gifts.


It is believed that the Irish celebration of Mother’s Day is on the fourth Sunday of Lent. They begin the celebration with a special ceremony in the church dedicated to Mary as Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Afterward, the children gift their mothers with carefully selected bouquets and small presents. (Running for time? Choose among these final-minute Mother’s Day gifts.)


Israeli Mother’s Day is celebrated on Shvat 30, a Sabbath holiday that occurs between January 30 and March 1, by the Jewish calendar. In the 1990s, The government changed the name of the holiday by changing the name from Mother’s Day to Family Day to reflect the evolving roles and the structures of modern families.


Mother’s Day in Russia is celebrated in the fall on Sunday, which falls in November. However, this holiday is tiny, as well. Russian moms tend to be more officially observed during International Women’s Day on March 8. Children are required to gift their mothers flowers but also to honor and praise the maternal figures in their lives, such as mothers-in-law, grandmothers, and aunts.

This is an excellent time to make a Mother’s Day gift for your grandma. At a minimum, make sure you send a lovely card with a sentimental message.

Fun facts about moms and Mother’s Day

It is possible to break out the Mom funny stories, Mother’s Day poems along with quotes about mothers in the course of Mother’s Day brunch, but should you wish to impress your mom by your capacity to gather irrelevant facts; you can make sure to share this list of Mother’s Day facts.

  • More phone calls are placed during Mother’s Day than any other holiday in the year, leading to phone usage going up to 37 percent.
  • Following the example of its founder following his example, carnations continue to be the flower of choice for Mother’s Day in the United States.
  • One-quarter of all flower and plant purchases made for the holiday season are placed in the week leading up to Mother’s Day.
  • Mother’s Day is the busiest day for restaurants across America, and brunch is the most requested food item.
  • Anna M. Jarvis tried to end Mother’s Day just five years after the day was recognized as a national holiday. She claimed that it had become too commercialized, and she was unhappy until her death in 1948.
  • Cards are the most sought-after “gift” given during Mother’s Day, with over 120 million being given every year. However, your mom might like the idea of time spending time with her children. Take her out for lunch, arrange an excursion with your family or relax on the sofa for some of the mother-daughter films.

You should now be able to answer, “When will be Mother’s Day easily?” But do you know how to get through these motherhood memes without laughing?

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