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Gaslighting Is Not Real, Women in finance who claim diversification initiatives are not working are in the dark.

Financial services companies are all set to employ women. Many have targets to hire women who are juniors as well as for keeping them in the company and moving them up the ladder. However, not all women are with their methods.

In the newly released research study*, the academics from Copenhagen Business School conducted 60 interviews over a 12 year period with employees of the largest accounting as well as auditing and consulting companies. Interviewees ranged in rank from fresh graduates to senior management and partners. 30% were women. They also did not feel that programs that promote the diversity of work and life balance of female employees were helpful to their careers.

Gaslighting Is Not Real: At the conclusion of the 12-year period, the researchers discovered that every woman they spoke with had left their employers and that every one of them had quit prior to forming partnerships. Diversity initiatives with good intentions were in part to blame.

A 28-year-old accountant Elisabeth stated that she had ambitions and wasn’t afraid of working on weekends, but her male supervisor in her division was encouraging her to avoid weekends and to “take the easy route.” Instead of trying to achieve top marks in appraisals, like the other employees of males, Elisabeth was told to consider average grades acceptable and to enough time advance ahead in her profession. Actually, Elisabeth was well aware that she was not able to be content since she and her husband both had children and was required to find a an alliance before the age of 40 (given that almost nobody over 40 is promoted). While it was believed to be “natural and acceptable” for male coworkers to work for long working hours Elisabeth received instructions to “take better care of herself” instead.

Another interviewee, a 29-year-old Julia was employed as an accountant New York City and wanted to have a child. However, she’d noticed the firm’s views on diversity was completely different from the actual situation. Even though the firm’s partners encouraged her to have children and stated that they would support her but the senior lady with children Julia was aware of at the firm lived a gruelling life. The theory was that the senior lady only was working 60 percent of the time, but in actuality, she worked all day long, even after the kids were asleep. The “mommy track” is not an ideal one.

39-year-old Anna who is a manager and mother of two children, made the same experience. After her second maternity leave, Anna said she’d been asked to return in the workplace for 30 to 40 hours per week, but been working between 40 and 50 hours per week and not being payed for it, “so coming back on reduced hours was unnecessary.” In addition, she was required to oversee women’s issues at the company and this also took up her work schedule. In the case of promotions for partners one of her male colleagues she worked with for a long time was instead promoted.

Since men were not criticized for their work hours One interviewee, a 32-year old Helen with a child claimed that they were more productive and were promoted faster. Women were advised to be less productive and then had to work difficult to find a partner as their male counterparts were the only ones to fill every promotion slot.

The root of the issue, as stated by study’s authors, is the gulf between what professionals’ companies said was crucial, and what was actually crucial in selecting who to hire. In one sense, leaders advised women to not overwork however, on the other hand they operated an “aggressive up-or-out culture” which “meticulously maintained a record of women’s weaknesses through constant comparisons with those who worked continuously.”

In the end, the academics claimed women who participated in their study are being pressured into a decision to be a part of a relationship. Through framing women as vulnerable employees that require caring initiatives, stereotypes of women were propagated instead of being eliminated. Although they were well-meaning, diversity initiatives just manipulated women’s perceptions of reality, convincing women to take fewer jobs and resulting in stagnant careers.

“Work and living as gaslighting: The study of repressive care within the career paths of female accountants

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Crazy, Gaslighting is not real. Everyone can stop freaking out right now, because if you’re thinking gaslighting is real, then it’s not. News flash – the concept of gaslighting does not literally mean your partner turns off the lights and throws a stove top on you, to make you think you’re crazy for saying “it smells like burning in here.”

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Gaslighting is a form of manipulation that causes somebody to question their reality. The word was coined in the 19th century from the play, Gas Light, where a husband tried to convince his wife she was insane so he could steal her valuables.

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What is Gaslighting? In fact, it’s not a gas lighting but a psychological abuse. Classic psychological manipulation tactics. The target will eventually be in doubt as to their own memory, perception and even sanity.

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Gaslighting is false information, which is actually a carefully planned act to deceive others into believing that one is not going mad. This term originates from the in 1938 a thriller play – “Gas Light”. In this play, the evil husband tries to convince his wife and the audience that she is going crazy by changing lights, hiding objects and trying to convince her that she has, in fact, lost her mind.

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Orange Gaslighting is not real shirt doesn’t sound like gaslighting, does it? Still, what’s the difference?

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It’s never been easier to buy a shirt online. There are so many options and sites that offer free shipping too. It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman, adult, or toddler; there is something for everyone out there. To get a quick idea of what I’m talking about, we googled vintage gaslighting shirt. And here are the search results:

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Gaslighting is not real shirt takes place when someone verbally abuses you or manipulates your feelings through continuous denial and accusations, so you could no longer trust your own thinking.

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I have to be honest, when I first saw the title of this article, I wasn’t quite sure what it would be about. Then when I started reading it, I found myself laughing.  I guess that says more about me than the article.

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It’s hard to talk about something when it seems crazy or when you feel like you’re going crazy. Since the election and even before (and yes I am talking about the last election) every day someone tells me that I’m crazy, or I am told that “gaslighting is not real”. This makes me angry and sad at the same time. How dare someone tell me what is real or what does not exist? And gaslighting is a very real thing and people are doing it.

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Gaslighting isn’t a real thing. This is what I was constantly told, at least. After I started to notice that my relationship was significantly messed up, and I wanted to deal with it, I realized that this wasn’t the case. Gaslighting isn’t really a nice thing to do to someone, but that’s what it is, and we need to properly identify it.

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